Stop renting. Own your energy!

Solar panels generate free energy on-site with no operating costs.

OTG Solar gives you options

  • Ground-mount
  • Roof-mount (penetrating and non-penetrating options)
  • Trackers
  • Shade structures
  • Sunrooms
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Grid-tie
  • Off-grid

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We sell Generac generators

Generators are a great option for backup power for grid-tie customers who don’t want to invest in a battery bank.

Price with us before buying at your local hardware store! We can save you money.

Because you need a solid price & warranty – OTG Solar works with suppliers who can offer the best prices & engineering on equipment. Most equipment has a solid 25 year warranty behind it. OTG Solar also backs that warranty up with their own 5-year workmanship warranty to leave you 100% worry-free.
Because the process can be complicated and frustrating, OTG Solar handles all dealings with homeowner associations & applications to electric companies – so you can rest assured that your system meets all requirements. You will also enjoy having a customer portal, unique to OTG Solar, to follow the process as you go.
You don’t know what incentives, rebates, or grants can help your renewable investment? No problem! OTG Solar also assists in finding & applying for any available to you.
Consultation is available through OTG Solar if you want to purchase products but do the actual installation on your own.