About us

Rodney Pitford founded OTG Solar to make a different kind of solar business. Rodney wanted to leave each customer with quality craftsmanship, quality equipment, AND an excellent customer service experience – even if it meant working harder or for a bit less profit. You won’t catch Rodney giving someone poor quality panels to make a buck, or leaving wires visible when they could have been hidden. Rodney grew up in Macon, MO where his family of 6 now resides.

  • OTG Solar is based in Macon, MO and only works with premium products.
  • OTG Solar offers installation and maintenance services for solar, sells generators (for both solar and non-solar locations), and general electrical work.
  • If you’re a DYI type, order your materials through OTG Solar. They will deliver quality equipment to your driveway.