Can I get the tax credit? How does it work?

Unless you’re exempt from paying taxes, then YES YOU CAN!

How it works: you turn in your “paid in full” receipt from us to your accountant. Talk with your accountant. They will know how many years you can go back (we have customers report getting a check in the mail for taxes paid in the last few years).

What if you don’t have tax liability this year? Your solar tax credit will roll over until you can use it.

What if you only use a portion of the tax credit this year? Your remaining credit will roll over until you can use it.

Non-profits don’t pay taxes, so the tax credit does not apply to them. However, there are PPA options for non-proftis. Basically, a PPA buys and “owns” the system and gains the 30% tax credit. Then they “sell it” to the non-profit after several years – because they’re not interested in owning the system as much as they are getting a tax credit for it. This can be a great way for a non-profit to have an additional discount to their system price. We warn you to look into the PPA you plan to work with and make sure that it will be in your best interest. Some are ripping off the non-profits, rather than benefitting from the dynamics of the tax credit. We suggest you compare multiple and do your research before using this method.

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