Consulting DIY Projects vs. Professional Installation

It’s really the same thing, and at the same cost per hour, but it can end up costing way more time paid for when our staff spends time teaching and/or fixing errors done by the homeowner.

The thing to consider when hiring us for consulting is this: “Do I need them to take over or do I need to be trained (by OTG Solar) to do it myself?” Or maybe what you want is for us to take over, but explain it briefly to you afterward.

We want to respect your budget, and we also want to respect those who truly want to pay a consultant to know all the steps of the process. You’ll either be paying us to show you what to do, or you’ll pay us to come in and do it for you. Being hourly, you must be clear on what you want so we don’t waste time explaining things if you just need us to do a certain portion of the project for you without your involvement.

Typically, those who install their own system already know a great deal about the installation and just forgot a step – or something new came up. We don’t want to take away from the experience of “do it yourself” by taking over without sharing what it is we’re doing. So just tell us what you expect before we arrive.

When the homeowner incorrectly installs equipment, or damages the equipment, they may void the warranties. You can read through all the information you get with your equipment to avoid that for ignorance purposes, but nothing can save you from lack of experience no matter how informed you may be on what you read in the paperwork.

What you do to your stuff is up to you to fix, not our insurance. Additionally, we will not provide a workmanship warranty with any system that was customer-installed, even if we help.

So what we mean to say here is this:

We don’t want to discourage anyone from self-installation when they’re fully capable and prepared to handle the job. We equally dislike seeing people in over their heads, and running out of funds to replace broken stuff – or maybe finish the system only to find out your electricity company won’t allow it to be turned on.

We’re happy to be hired for whatever you need us for. Give us a call no matter where you’re at, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you out at an hourly rate – whether it’s over the phone or on site. Some travel rates may apply depending on how far we have to travel to get to you.

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