Do electricity companies really increase rates that often?

Absolutely. Unfortunately, it’s not something most people are aware of or even know how to look up.

Some electricity companies will publish the information on their website. Others don’t mention it. All electricity companies fluctuate prices. They have to charge according to the market variables for their source of power. We have seen some drops in rates, but not in recent years. The overall trend of all companies are increased rates over time.

Click below on the name of your electricity provider for a link to their website. These are just a few for examples within our local area. You may need to look up yours online or call them for a printout of the information.

Kansas City Power & Light: Rate pricing history gives a complete year by year account whether it changed or not. We aren’t sure why more companies don’t give this transparent of a comparison so you can know what to expect.

Tri-County didn’t publish their annual increases, but this is an a note about the 2013 increase (1.6 cents per kilowatt hour sold ends up being about 10% increase in your bill). Call them directly for more complete information. This isn’t their complete increase history.

MEC does not show anything beyond their current rates online. MEC is on a set rate. They are contracted at the current rate for a certain number of years. What happens at the end of the contract? It’s reasonable to expect a massive sudden rate increase, considering all the other companies have increased steadily, according to expenses, over years of time.

AMEREN MO does not show anything beyond their current rates posted online. Ameren rates have steadily increased over the past several years.

Missouri Public Service Commission approves rates and it’s usually about an 11 month process. Again, all rates are subject to change because of the need to cover expenses within the company providing your power. PSC website gives all the information on this subject but a faster answer would be in calling your electricity company and asking how rates have increased (or sometimes it’s on your bill). They can tell you over the phone when and how much those rates have increased.

This is one of the topics covered in our free bids, because you can expect utility rates to rise with expenses driving that price up pretty steadily.

However, when you buy your renewable energy system, you have that on site and at a fixed rate for 25 years under warranty. Of course, they don’t blow up or melt down at that point – that’s just the warrantied period. So you may benefit beyond the timeframe in our bid.

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