I like to research things. What links can you give me to look up energy related stuff?

We’re glad you asked!

There is always more information than we can put on our site on the subject. Frankly, we like to keep it simple for those who don’t want to know all the details. But here are links if you like to research:

Energy.gov This is the governing body over everything energy related. This is pretty much all the information a researcher could ask for. Grab a cup of joe and get comfortably seated. This site is going to take a while to digest.

Don’t bother reading up about solar and wind on your electricity company’s website or office. We’ve looked over local electricity companies’ websites and are disappointed with the outdated and sometimes simply wrong information about renewable energy. The biggest problem we have with what they say is “it’s not reliable” or “it costs $10/kilowatt hour” and things along those lines. We like electricity companies. They provide a grid to give excess to and draw needed power from without requiring any battery backup – they’re called “grid-tie” systems. The feelings don’t seem to be mutual, regardless of what they say about renewable energy. What you can count on is this – they don’t want to loose your business. The truth is, the grid benefits from grid-tie systems by receiving local, green power that reduces the flow from their expensive, outsourced energy supplies.

Renew MO These are renewable advocates for Missouri! WE LOVE THEM! They work hard to keep things fair and encourage progress. Anybody can contact them if they feel someone is not following legal practices. They push stuff through with renewable law makers. They really do a lot more than that. This is a great resource for everyone in support of renewable energy.

Public Service Commission They govern all electricity companies. For example: Electricity rate increases are passed through PSC and take about 11 months to process/approve.

DSIRE This is all about energy efficiency/upgrades, rebates, incentive programs, tax rebates, grants, loans… WE LOVE THEM! They keep us all up to date on this site in a FANTASTIC manner. Click on your state, then “apply filter”, then “technology”, then “renewable energy”, then “solar technology”, then at the bottom click “apply filters.”


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