Self-installation: The Reality Checklist

Installing a system on your own may produce a system that doesn’t work.

Do you have funds set-aside for that? Is there anything hooked up to power that would create an emergency should your power be down while you fixed the problem?

Working on a roof is dangerous.

It’s not worth risking your life to save a little expense on your system. If you don’t know how to be safe up there, or have no experience working on a roof or wherever you’re doing the installation, leave it to the professionals.

How to string batteries and panels is not common knowledge.

It’s not just “plug in and go”… as it may appear. Electrical wiring can confuse smart people. Without proper training in solar applications, a master electrician couldn’t just throw together a solar project. Small oversights can ruin equipment.

If you purchase products without installation, all staff assistance with your project will be charged at an hourly rate.

If you just need a little help, you may save some money doing it yourself. If you need more than a little help, you’ll only save money by hiring OTG Solar without touching the project at all.

Having experience with a friend’s system may or may not provide the experience you need.

Are you using the same exact products and installing the same type of system? Did your friend properly install their system? Did it pass all inspections? Have any changes been made to the system hardware since your friend purchased their system?

Do you know all the rules and regulations for your utility company or the national electric code?

If your system does not meet all regulatory standards, you will not be permitted to hook to up the grid, and it may not be approved by local authorities to be allowed to use it at all (on or off grid in-town applications). It will be your responsibility to know what you need and how to meet all requirements.

OTG Solar includes custom system design, workmanship warranty, and assistance with incentive applications only on projects they are hired to do full installation on.

Equipment manufacture warranty is void if you improperly install your own system.

Financial reasons are usually enough for most people to leave it to the professionals (incentive options, warranty options, and no out-of-pocket loss to you if something goes wrong during installation).

Others are happy to forgo those options to get renewable energy at the most minimal cost to them or simply for the experience of doing it on their own.

If you read all the above and are totally confident and fearless with your decision to do the installation on your own, then go for it!

If any of the above concerns you, it’s probably best to hire OTG Solar to take care of the project from start to finish. Relax with a tall glass of lemonade while you watch them sweat it in the hot, un-shaded solar space.

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