What incentives can I qualify for?

We hope you’ll call us today for a free bid, so we can give you a thorough review of these important decision-making facts.

Incentives come and go. When they’re here, take advantage of them. It’s a real bummer to decide too late, and the price of your system increases simply because you put off making the decision.

Internal Tax Credit: 30% of total cost. This can include anything on our bill related to your solar project. Need a tree trimmed or removed to get better sun exposure to solar panels? Need a new roof before you install the panels? If it is done at the time of the solar installation and is on our bill with the solar, the tax credit will apply to those expenses too.

REAP Grant: Up to 25% of cost after tax credit. This is for farmers and small business owners. You can only apply once, and it’s not an easy grant to write. But you’re welcome to hire anyone you like do that for you. We can also recommend a company our customers have had great success working with if you need suggestions.

Financing can turn a monthly expense into an asset: Committees everywhere are eager to learn how to turn a bill they’ll never get rid of into an asset.

Some financing options (such as Show Me PACE and HERO) are tax assessments (pay at the end of the year based on your savings from that year) that can make it cash flow positive in one year, and it stays with the property if you choose to sell that building.

We offer financing to all our customers: Options with each lender vary depending on current market interest rates, your credit situation, and other common loan variables.

  • These are lenders we are approved installers for.
  • We will assist you in applying for this loan, but the loan itself is directly between you and the lender.

Let our team know what you’re looking for in a loan:

  • Zero $ down
  • Deferred initial payment (to allow project to be completed and the system to start saving you money before you start paying on your loan)
  • Lowest possible interest rate?
  • Lowest possible payment?

Get a free bid. That’s a reliable number based on your unique needs. We’ll run your eligibility options and see what you qualify for. You can let us know what you need out of your financing and we’ll see what we can do for you.

If you want to research this topic yourself check out DSIRE is a great place to start. Click on your state, then filter for the topic you want (solar). OR you can save your own time and let us do it (by getting that free bid).


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