What is a free bid?

When someone wants solar, they need a lot of information to make a fully informed decision. We want that to be easy and save you the time researching when you just want to know the facts.

So we’ll send an energy advisor to visit you in the comfort of your home/office. The free bid will review the size of system you need, and all the investment details – like the pay-off date, number of trees saved during the life of the system, & all the details to make an informed decision.

We account for business tax effects, location, shade, annual usage, rebates, your current utility rate… & other things that would take you a very long time to find & calculate on your own.

Is your accountant, friend, cousin, brother, or wife not sure about your decision? No problem. We’re happy to answer everyone’s questions. This is the time to ask away! Free bid = free answers.

Obligations to us after the bid? Just let us know if you accept or decline the opportunity. That’s it.

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