What is the most energy efficient lightbulb?

We advise clients to go with LED lights for various reasons. LEDs are not the spiral shaped CFL bulbs. Here is a bit of comparison:

60 watt incandescent bulb = 13.5 watt CFL bulb = 9.5 watt LED bulb

LED lights offer a fraction of the energy use of the standard lightbulb.

Do you have a hard time getting everyone to turn off lights when they’re done using them? At the 2016 NEMO AG Show, we gave out several LED bulbs in a 4-pack box to people requesting bids for solar. Each bulb is the equivalent illumination of a 60-watt standard bulb. That whole 4-pack of bulbs would use less power than 1 standard lightbulb! So, 4 lights on with LED lights would be less power used than 1 standard lightbulb. LED bulbs also last longer than a standard bulb.

LED lights have a more traditional lightbulb look (rather than those CFL spirals).

LED lights give off a more natural light, and don’t flicker, so you don’t get headaches.

CFL bulbs often give people headaches because the color of the light and the way they flicker irritates eyes.

CFL bulbs contain dangerous mercury. So when one is broken (kids playing… or just throwing it in the trash when spent), a serious hazard occurs because the mercury is then airborne. All people and pets should immediately evacuate the premises until adequately aired out and the area is properly cleaned up with a special (head to toe) suit to avoid breathing in mercury. Nobody wants that hazard around them.

For safety, energy savings, and more modern appearance – OTG Solar promotes the use of LED bulbs when giving energy evaluations prior to sizing a customer’s system.

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