Why is there a push to get solar now as opposed to later on?

1. The sooner you make your own energy, the sooner you stop paying someone else to own the power plant. A lot of people are financing their system, paying on the loan at the same rate they were paying the utility company on their monthly power bill… Only these smart spenders will stop paying after a few years and will no longer have that bill.

2. The sooner you get your system, the better chance you have to receive assistance in paying for that system (as in local and federal incentive programs). Once quotas are met, incentives go away. Waiting is quite risky when you understand why incentives are there in the first place!

3. Systems are affordable right now.

4. Systems are plenty efficient right now. if you wait for the ultimate system, it will never happen because they’ll keep improving the science as long as people need energy.

5. Land is getting torn up to drag fossil fuels across the country. The more we stop using them, the less motivation and funding will go to those costly, inefficient, and unsightly methods.

6. Local solar and wind power gives power to the community regardless to what happens beyond it. Anyone who has been without power due to power lines down (ice storms, city repairs, or other unpredictable events) knows the helplessness of being at the city’s mercy. Having collected daily on your own property, along with some batteries to store extra energy (off-grid or grid-tie up to 100%) is empowering.

7. Your utility company has and will continue to raise the cost of energy. Owning your own system is a fixed expense.

The real question is “Why would you wait?”

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