Rebates, Incentives, & Tax Benefits of Solar

REAP Grant News!

Be sure to have your bid work complete with adequate time to apply by the deadline.

This is a grant for farmers, ranchers, and small businesses to cut energy costs. Apply now for this one, as funds are “first come, first serve” up to 25% of the eligible project cost!

Federal Tax Credit:

Anyone and everyone (except non-profits) benefit from this one! Get a 30% tax credit on both the system and the installation costs. If you don’t have tax liability, this can be rolled over into another year.

Business Depreciation:

Any business with renewable energy can claim depreciation on the system like any other equipment purchase.

We do our best to keep this updated, but all our free bids are delivered with a check on rebate eligibility.

We post about rebates closest to us, as that is where we do the majority of our business. We may find more options when we work up your bid.