Solar for Residential & Small Businesses

Why do homeowners and business owners want solar?

  • Local energy resources are an asset to the community
  • Solution to increasing electricity rates
  • Alternative to the fossil fuel situation
  • Energy independence from the grid (if going off-grid)
  • Environmentally friendly choices are sensitive and responsible to the surrounding community.
  • Businesses that go out of their way to protect natural resources show their clients and associates they are committed to reduce environmental impact caused by their business.
  • Environmental concerns: reduce local air pollution, offset greenhouse gasses, and reduce the need for dry-cell battery disposal (which is not recyclable & ends up contaminating our soil and water with lead).

What are your options?

OTG Solar offers roof mount and ground mount solar, sun tracking solar, wind turbines, solar thermal, & hybrid in both off-the-grid and on-the-grid applications.

OTG Solar is equipped to design custom jobs such as patio covers and parking lot shade structures. Allowing us to evaluate your location will give us a better idea what options are ideal for you.