Comparing products:

Equipment cost & efficiency:

Like anything you buy, sometimes spending a little more money will get you a higher quality product. Cost & efficiency on solar equipment can be tricky. You can get some really cheap panels that are built with low quality material and poorly assembled. Those cheap panels may offer a 25 year warranty, but their efficiency rating may only be ½ the efficiency of panels we’d recommend.

Grade A refers to the quality of the product you’re using. Tier-1 is the quality of the manufacturer. Not all solar companies are allowed to even buy these products, because they need to have a verified good reputation to do so. OTG Solar isn’t your “builder who saw the gold rush” during the years of the high rebates. Nor are they going to disappear after the installation. OTG Solar has been around and continues to install with the highest quality materials and highest quality workmanship. OTG Solar is the solar company you can trust.

To put it simply: OTG Solar refuses to settle for cheap junk.

Sometimes people like to piece together “bargain equipment” they got from here, there, and way over there. Sometimes that works, but usually it doesn’t.

Buying stuff that is designed to go together can make a HUGE difference in how much energy it gives you, how long it lasts, and how enjoyable it is to use. When we choose products, we consider all these factors when we determine what to work with.

We design systems based on the energy needs of the client and the most responsible cost-effective way to meet those needs.

Call us for battery bank design support.

We sell deep cycle batteries designed with thicker plates for deep discharging and recharging. These differ from car batteries designed to provide a high burst of power for a short time.

Specialty Products:

There are some specialty products that are really sleek and sometimes camouflaged to the point where you wouldn’t know solar equipment was there unless you knew to look for it. Customers who want to incorporate solar in a more decorative or artistic form can find just about anything you can imagine these days. Let us show you the options beyond standard panels.

Wind Turbines:

Noise and efficiency often make wind turbines less appealing. However, in off-grid application wind is one of the most universally available secondary (backup) energy options to keep the battery bank charged during hours the sun is not out. Although selectively recommended, the use of wind turbines can be a key element to creating an ideal system for you.

While massive commercial wind turbines are familiar to most people, residential-sized turbines are much smaller in ground-mount design and are now available in compact rooftop options as well.


Solar modules & batteries put out direct current (DC) electricity. To convert DC to useable, household energy you must “invert” the DC to Alternating Current (AC) electricity. AC electricity is what 99.99% of all household appliances use.

Off-Grid Equipment:

Before you build is the ideal time to install an off-grid system. The cost of utility lines and meter setup may be completely avoidable if you plan ahead.

Removing your meter altogether can be done with some additional equipment, but special considerations must be made. Our energy consultants can help evaluate if this is a good option for you, and what combination of equipment will best meet your needs.

If you’re already off-grid and need support, give us a call and we’ll see what you need to get back to your ideal off-grid lifestyle again.