How do solar panels hold up to hail, strong winds, and baseballs?

In a word: AMAZING

We wouldn’t sell and install this in Missouri with our wild tornado winds if it would pose a problem at all.


This is how solar panels we use (SolarWorld brand) exceed international testing standards for quality. It’s one reason why we don’t settle for poor quality equipment – you need them to handle the weather!

International requirements = hail at 50 mph, Hail launched at the panel in the video = 262 mph

Baseball hitting panel, panel soaking in a pool, several people standing on the panel, a grown man jumping on the panel, cars driving on the panels, trucks driving on the panels… The video they made is really the best “show me” example of the reliability of these panels.

You don’t have to baby them too much. They’re made to be an exterior fixture to a home, and are designed with all that entails.