OTG Solar has new website and logo!

We’ve cleaned up the website and logo for a cleaner, fresher look for the company.

We haven’t changed our business. We just got a bit of a facelift.

A fresh, new logo: We sell clean energy, so the logo needed to be more streamlined and simple – just like the way solar power is delivered to your home. We find ourselves nostalgic as we say “goodbye” to the first icon of OTG Solar, LLC. But we’re really excited about the clean look of our new logo. It’s a great visual representation of our tagline “Plug into the sun!” and the colors and leaf image are true to our greater green industry.

A simplified web address: The old website was long and messy. When we opened our doors in 2010, “www.OTGSolar.com” had already been taken by another company. Adding the word “solutions” made the website address long, but after many meetings and way too much time searching for a better alternative, “www.OTGSolarSolutions.com” became the company’s official website. The new “.solar” option wasn’t available back then. We were stoked to see it was available, so we snagged it up for our very own. On the new website, you’ll find the same content. You’ll just type a different website to get there. Of course, there’s a sexy new logo on there in place of the old one. But you already knew that.

Note: Like other web categories (.edu, .org, .net), “.solar” is a new category to allow for additional website options in our ever-expanding digital world. It’s a space for everything solar. We’re happy to set up residence in our space there.